Friday, November 24, 2017

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Online Booking Software

iBex Online Plus is booking software for your own website and is bundled FREE with iBex PMS. Our functionality is designed to be incorporated into your site rather than a basic popup screen. It inherits the look and feel of your site, and is made to look like it is your own web booking engine – not someone elses. Unlike other solutions, there is no chance your potential guest will find a different property on your booking system and book with them!

iBex Online Booking Software features

  • We emphasise the online marketing of your property – not just the sales of rooms like other booking software does. In addition to selling via the regular 'nightly rate' iBex gives you the opportunity to put together package rates for events or experiences with a fixed fee component eg Golf Breaks or Romantic Weekends away, Stay 3 nights Pay for 2 etc.
  • It is important that you can discount for longer periods of stay and we support multiple minimum night stays and this can be adjusted from 1 day to any seasonal period. We also offer the ability to have day of the week rate variations, for example allowing you to price weekends differently. Single occupancy and child and infant rates are also supported.
  • Variable deposit terms - fixed fee, percentage, number of nights stay - even charge a higher deposit if the guest is arriving within a short time from booking.
  • iBex is one of the few examples of online booking software able to support true last minute and early bird rates. With deposit rules and terms & conditions that can over-ride those set for other bookings, this allows you to offer a discount whilst charging in full without offering a refund in the event of a cancellation.
  • Knowing where your customers have come from is very important. iBex has a "How Found" field that you populate and we suggest you include your sales channels. You may be surprised how many guests book directly on your website and are happy to identify the sales channel or any other source they found you on.
  • iBex also supports the selling of optional extras. Pre order meals, choose bedding configuration or cots, arrange airport transfers or even arrange tours. Optional extras can be chargeable or complimentary.
  • Charge deposits for online bookings in real time, using PCI compliant solutions from DPS, Sagepay or Paypal.
  • iBex has an “Registered Users” module that allows you to register regular users, agents or corporates allowing them to have special rates and privileges when they make a booking. Optionally, contact information can be pre-populated making it easier for them to make repeat bookings and the credit card screen can be bypassed to enable you to invoice corporate clients.
  • iBex supports 3 sell methods – Instant Confirmation, On Request or Stop Sell. Many other systems support instant confirmation or stop sell only, yet On Request is a very powerful method to promote some deals where you don’t necessarily want to accept bookings on a first come first served basis.
  • iBex screens are very professional looking and very easy to navigate. A "Lead in Special" field enables you to promote special deals or highlight important information that you can change on the fly. Some users have reported up to a 300% increase in online bookings since switching to iBex.
  • Online Plus is included as a part of the iBex Property Management System.

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