Friday, November 24, 2017

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Hotel Channel Manager

iBex Hotel Channel Manager downloads reservations straight into your reception desk software from, Expedia and other leading distribution channels. Rates and availability are pushed back to the channels in real time. Manage all your hotel sales channels in one place, and cut down significantly on the time you spend maintaining different extranets.

iBex Hotel Channel Manager

With iBex you can sign up with as many channels as you like without adding to your workload - leaving you free to deal with all the customers they bring in.

  • Download reservations straight into your reception desk software.
  • Eliminate errors made by manually entering reservation data from Fax or Email.
  • Availability is pushed from hotel booking software in real time - a telephone reservation will reduce your available rooms on all channels automatically as soon as it is saved.
  • No more fixed allocations - the sales channels see all of your rooms, in real time.
  • Manage rates in one central place. Make a change in iBex to update all your channels at once.
  • Maintain the same or different pricing between your own website and each of the different connected channels.
  • Integrates seamlessly with our online booking software.

Please call us for confirmation of available channels as new connections are being worked on all the time.