Friday, November 24, 2017

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Hotel Booking Software

Use our calculator to compare the cost of commission based software against our fixed fee model.

Simply change the values in red, for your own number of bedrooms, occupancy etc, and the calculator will update in real time to show the differences between iBex and what you could be paying. (Please call for a quote if you have 40+ bedrooms.)

Number of Rooms (Max 40)
Typical Bookable nights per month
( 30 nights in an average month, *
rooms )
Average Occupancy ( % )
Typical Booked nights per month
Possible bookable nights (
) * occupancy (
% )
Average Room Rate ( £ )
Percentage Web Bookings
(Include your own website and any sales channels)
Value of Web Bookings (£)
Booked Nights (
) * % made on the web (
) * Average Rate £
Commission rate on website bookings (%)
Monthly Commission
Value of Web Bookings
* Commission at


Commission Model
iBex PMS with online booking

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