Friday, November 24, 2017

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OneSixTwo Guesthouse, Blackheath, London.

Our 11 room B & B has been open for 3 years. When we opened we were very naiive about the different booking systems and online diaries around. However, we knew in order to make life easier and to keep up with online trends in the hotel industry that we needed a computerised booking system rather than a paper diary! Most booking systems I found were targetted to large hotels and their price / huge deposit / very large monthly installments or high commissions were not options we could afford and a lot of systems seemed too complicated for our 11 rooms.

We decided to go with a company which charged a one off fee of £100 for booking diary software and online booking facility for our website. The only downside was that any bookings that were made through our website were charged at 10% commission. The booking diary was quite a good system but there were quite a few (sometimes irritating!) limitations to it. After a year of being in contract with them, I decided to look around for a software that did not take commissions as over the year this added up to £1000s.

When I found iBex from one UP I was excited as everything they offered ticked the boxes. The transfer from old system to iBex was very smooth and the support team were very helpful and understanding in this procedure. There was no 12 month contract and if after 3 months the system was not for us then we could cancel it with no cancellation fee. This was important as I did not want to be tied in.

The main appeal of iBex was no website commissions, but instead a manageable monthly rental fee. The ability to link in with so bookings went straight into iBex was also a new and amazing facility! We no longer had confirmation faxes sent through from which caused a high workload and often caused double bookings. We also connect with a number of other channels and are just waiting for the Late Rooms connection to be completed, which will be done soon and this will again reduce our workload.

Other benefits which the old system did not have which iBex does are:

  • the ability to access iBex online - from any computer anywhere
  • can have multiple users with different access rights
  • can take payments through Sagepay at the time the guest books
  • email confirmations are sent directly from the system to us and the guest
  • one UP really listen to their customers and develop facilities which the business owner requires to make life easier. In the last year since we have been using iBex there have been additional upgrades and facilities added which only enhance the usability factor.

    iBex is easy to use, but any time I have had a question about it one UP have responded personally, quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend the iBex system to any B and B or small independent hotel owner.

    Anna Pollard



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