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Chris Noon

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 12:33

EPOS Links

EPOS Integration

iBex is able to receive food and drink items posted from your tills using the Cloudhook EPOS link.

Cloudhook is able to work with EPOS Now, ICR Touch, WaiterPoS, Casio QT6600, Vectron, Quantum and any other system supporting the Guestmaster PMS protocol.

When a guest is checked in on the PMS, items are able to be posted to the room. When a guest is checked out, the room is removed from the tills and it's no longer possible to post items against that room.

Bar and restaurant items are received into iBex as an "Extra" and these can be then charged to the guest's bill on departure - saving hours of work needed to add these items manually to the booking.

Monday, 04 March 2013 10:54

Hostel booking system - Dormitory Beds

iBex allows hostels to sell indvidual beds within a dorm, or the dormitory room as a whole. Beds and dorms are priced differently, and as soon as a bed within a dorm is booked, then the dorm becomes unavailable.

This video explains how.

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Friday, 17 February 2012 15:06

View demo

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 14:39

iBex Rentals Login

Users of our vehicle rentals software should log in from here.
Friday, 17 December 2010 16:08

Sample Website

Our sample website has two types of activity - walking tours and boat charters.

From the online booking page you will see the ability to filter based on the location where we have multiple tours in operation.ibex-tours

Selecting the "York Guided Walks", you can choose different tours at the weekend, and mid week will also see the child pricing is only £5 Monday - Thursday.

Feel free to make a test booking and see the confirmation email you will receive. Whilst the demo website doesn't ask you for any credit card data, you can configure this for a live production account.

Click here to view our sample iBex Tours website and make a test booking.

Thursday, 02 December 2010 22:23

Tours Pricing

iBex Tours is priced based on the number of unique events you operate.

Do not count variable departure dates / times as additional tours. A sea fishing trip departing daily at 9am and 2pm is one "tour".

Sample pricing per month, ex VAT:

Tours 5 10 15
Price in £ £69 £102 £135
Price in € €90 €130 €170


Our standard setup fee of £69 applies.

Thursday, 02 December 2010 21:03

iBex Tours

iBex Tours is a highly functional, cost effective solution enabling you to manage, sell and market tours, activities and events on your own website.

Being a web based system there is no need for investment in the latest computer hardware. Any computer (PC, Mac or Linux) with an internet connection and a modern browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome can run our software. You can create unlimited logins for your staff members to manage bookings, update event information and pricing and create reports like a passenger manifest for each event.

The web booking screens allow for multi event itinerary type bookings if appropriate to your setup. You can up sell extras at the time of booking, like merchandise, parking and so on. You can even create custom fields in the booking screens to collect information specific to your operation. iBex Tours will send an email confirming booking via email to you the operator - so with a modern email enabled phone like a Blackberry or iPhone you are always up to date with events as they happen - even if you or your staff are out with the current activity.

Sell with instant confirmation, on request, accept enquiries and close out availability and dates.

Vary your rates automatically based on the day of the week or time of year and number of people booking - iBex will even support child rates. Create rates with discounts for lastminute or early bird booking. Take differing deposits based on the time between booking and arrival or the package chosen. Charge credit cards automatically at the time of booking with Paypal or Sagepay, or securely store and retrieve data for offline processing.

Monday, 07 June 2010 10:41

Feature Demonstration

Our software combines a reservation calender, with integrated online booking and channel manager to enable properties to keep track of all bookings, whatever source they come from.

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Monday, 02 August 2010 11:24

Website Design

For a low setup cost and monthly maintenance fee, we can provide you with a content managed website, fully integrated with your iBex solution.

Using customised templates for the Joomla! content management system you can have a modern, visually stunning and feature rich website, without you having to pay a large sum of several thousand pounds upfront.

With many modular features, you can take advantage of numerous gallery scripts, incorporate your twitter feed into your website and post the latest news and events happening in your hotel.

Additionally, we can create highly search engine optimised content pages and track your new sites progress in the search engines for a range of keywords, producing monthly search engine ranking reports.

The incorporation of Google Analytics into your site allows you to track where visitors are coming from, what pages they view on your site, and how long they spend there.

We are also able to create paid ("sponsored") search engine listings using Google AdWords on your behalf.

Thursday, 02 September 2010 14:56

Case Studies

OneSixTwo Guesthouse, Blackheath, London.

Our 11 room B & B has been open for 3 years. When we opened we were very naiive about the different booking systems and online diaries around. However, we knew in order to make life easier and to keep up with online trends in the hotel industry that we needed a computerised booking system rather than a paper diary! Most booking systems I found were targetted to large hotels and their price / huge deposit / very large monthly installments or high commissions were not options we could afford and a lot of systems seemed too complicated for our 11 rooms.

We decided to go with a company which charged a one off fee of £100 for booking diary software and online booking facility for our website. The only downside was that any bookings that were made through our website were charged at 10% commission. The booking diary was quite a good system but there were quite a few (sometimes irritating!) limitations to it. After a year of being in contract with them, I decided to look around for a software that did not take commissions as over the year this added up to £1000s.

When I found iBex from one UP I was excited as everything they offered ticked the boxes. The transfer from old system to iBex was very smooth and the support team were very helpful and understanding in this procedure. There was no 12 month contract and if after 3 months the system was not for us then we could cancel it with no cancellation fee. This was important as I did not want to be tied in.

The main appeal of iBex was no website commissions, but instead a manageable monthly rental fee. The ability to link in with so bookings went straight into iBex was also a new and amazing facility! We no longer had confirmation faxes sent through from which caused a high workload and often caused double bookings. We also connect with a number of other channels and are just waiting for the Late Rooms connection to be completed, which will be done soon and this will again reduce our workload.

Other benefits which the old system did not have which iBex does are:

  • the ability to access iBex online - from any computer anywhere
  • can have multiple users with different access rights
  • can take payments through Sagepay at the time the guest books
  • email confirmations are sent directly from the system to us and the guest
  • one UP really listen to their customers and develop facilities which the business owner requires to make life easier. In the last year since we have been using iBex there have been additional upgrades and facilities added which only enhance the usability factor.

    iBex is easy to use, but any time I have had a question about it one UP have responded personally, quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend the iBex system to any B and B or small independent hotel owner.

    Anna Pollard



We are also given very favourable reviews on Visit Britain's Accommodation Know How forums:

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